Masonry Company

Masonry company with potential to complete every project you have

Our masonry company with solid reputation is a market leader in Fairfax, VA

Home Owners Bricklayers mission is to be a recognized leader and preferred provider for our valued customers in the Springfield  VA, and Fairfax VA and all surrounding areas by delivering unparalleled masonry services through a highly qualified staff of trained professionals, with total commitment to integrity and excellence.

Home Owners Bricklayers uses only the highest quality materials, manufactured by respected names in the industry. We also use the highest quality, caulks, and weep systems to protect against water penetration. Our professional bricklayers build and repair all sorts of things made out of bricks.

From block foundations and everything in between, Home Owners Bricklayers does it all. So don’t settle for less on your next project, demand the BEST. The ONLY masonry company qualified to call themselves, Home Owners Bricklayers. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality work for our customers in Springfield, VA, and Northern Virginia Metro and  Fairfax VA and all surrounding areas.